• Fully assembled: approx. 24”H x 15” Diameter.

• Fun Luge (ice only): approx. 20”H x 13”W x 9”D.

• Drain tray: 4”H x 15” Diameter. 1.75 Gallon capacity.

• Box size: 12”H x 24”W x 16”D.  Weighs approx. 30 lbs.

Stored in our special insulated packaging, your Fun Luge will remain cold inside unopened box up to 3 hours in room temperature after receiving.

Once set up, the average peak ‘play time’ of Fun Luge is between 4 to 6 hours, depending on exposures to various elements such as a direct sunlight, heat, touching, alcohol, and airflow.

Fun Luge works and looks the best staged on a bartop (42” high) or a countertop (36” high) to have best access to luge track during use.  Avoid direct sunlight.

You can pour a wide range of free-flowing drinks through the luge track made of funnel and tube set inside Fun Luge. We strongly recommend using drinks that are pre-chilled for best results. Avoid pouring blended drinks as it will cause clogging.

Lift the sculpture using the provided gloves, open the lid and dispose the water, close the lid securely, and place the sculpture back onto the tray if to continue.

We strongly suggest you pre-chill the drinks to pour as the luge track is realistically too short to chill on its way down.

Please dispose the remaining ice and water to areas with adequate drainage. All provided items are disposable and recyclable.


You can place the order no later than 2 days before your event, up to 90 days in advance.

Please contact us via email for any request for change. Any change to the order must be determined if possible since the orders go into immediate production once the it is confirmed with payment fulfilled. The order remains without change If it is already in production.

Please contact us via email for a cancellation of order. Each cancellation will incur a $35 administration fee.  If the cancellation request is made 14 or more days before the order is due, a full refund less a $35 administration fee will be made.  If the cancellation request is made less than 14 days before the order is due, no refund is given.

You will receive a confirmation email with all order details including the pick up location and the designated time slot if selected or the delivery address along with the delivery time window.

Pick Up and Delivery

The pick up location is as follows:

3503 31st Street, Queens, NY 11106.  The pick-up hours are set to 1pm to 6pm.

Please notify us immediately via email for adjustment if available.  With time allowed, this will first result in cancellation of order that would then need to be re-ordered with the delivery information.

Please be on time as agreed - you’ve come this far to enjoy our Fun Luge! Unless you arrange another contact to be onsite then, it will result in forfeit of the order with no refund.

The delivery is a curbside delivery where we will call you once onsite to have you come down to the delivery car to receive the Fun Luge package.  There is a simple and complete set-up guide inside for you to jump start your party!

We are currently available within the select areas of NYC only.  We suggest our pick up option if you wish to enjoy Fun Luge outside our deliverable areas.

It is crucial for us to hear from you if you are running late for the pick up! Please contact us immediately of your estimated time via email at order@funluge.com.  Please note the delay for the pick up time would be subject to reschedule of pick up time in mutually agreeable time.  No update and no show at the scheduled time may result in forfeiting of your order.


Please contact us immediately to assess the claim.  The claim must be made within 3 hours of receiving the order and must be accompanied with photos of the item inside and the condition of the packaging. In case of incorrect item, a full refund is provided.

Please try pulling out the luge track (funnel and tube set) from the top and assess its condition.  If frozen, let it thaw and thread back into the sculpture. If clogged due to what was poured, remove/wash out and thread back into the sculpture.

Bummer!! Unfortunately the order is deemed fulfilled and no refund is given.  Be sure to always place your Fun Luge box in the area with no issue of getting wet as we are not liable for any damage once it is in your hands.

Have questions? info@funluge.com | 212.842.0630 (Mon-Fri / 9am-5pm EST)